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Journey to California

Updated: Apr 21

Grade 9 for me was an eye opener. The flashy dreams of being in high school and all the fun disappeared as reality of highly competitive IB course sunk in. Glenforest High School, Mississauga is rated as one of the best high schools in State and it took us time to settle in and realign our dreams and plans with the next 4 years in high school. As destiny would have it, my dad got an opportunity to move to California and it meant a new environment and new set of goals and plan. As we relocated from Canada to California my sophomore year turned out to be the most challenging of all my schooling years so far. I took admission in one of the most competitive high school in not only the region but may be state and won't be surprised of national standing of this school district. It was important for me to understanding how grading works in this new environment and how I should plan my courses so that I can position myself for best of the colleges in the state.

With lot or reflection and looking at different options and road ahead of me, the path of pursuing business course is what seemed most plausible option. I planned different courses for Sophomore, junior and senior classes along with what I need to do so that I can position myself for Business course in University of California as well as the State University.

As I focus on getting the right grades that will make my application strong, I have also decided to take business related courses and create the right business fundamentals for me to start my own business in Senior year.

Below is the list of different business courses I plan to complete in my junior year and following summer break in preparation for launching my first online business as I start my senior year next year:

  1. Finance & Accounting

  2. Entrepreneurship - Market Research, Identify target market, Building a brand

  3. Marketing & Public Relations

  4. Economics

  5. Management + Leadership

  6. Communication - Public-Speaking, Writing & Composition

  7. Computer Science + Technology (Started course in Summer break and continuing in Junior Year)

  8. Any American history course (Will be completing in my Junior Year)

  9. Business Law & Ethics

  10. Psychology

  11. Operations & Strategies

  12. Course in area in which I want to do business (Will decide by Summer Break)

  13. GOAL - Hands-on experience - Launching my own business

Wish me luck as I go forward on this ambition and goal!

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