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What Makes me Special?

What makes me a a remarkable individual is my unique blend of leadership, empathy, and dedication. As a child and pre-teen, I grew up demonstrating leader skills and instinctively reaching out to help others around me. I started with volunteering at a Senior Home, demonstrating compassion and care for over 200 senior citizens. The proudest achievement in my life was my commitment to my grandmother, during her battle with lung cancer. I showcased abilities to prioritize and adapt, transitioning from school leadership roles to becoming a leader in her life. Which included motivating her daily with words of wisdom, connecting her to her old peers and her fitness company - Herbalife. Even organizing activities like online exercise videos and blogging to support her and raise cancer awareness. In my academic and extracurricular occupations, I have showcased a diverse range of skills, from community service to business real life experiences such an internships program and running 2 of my own passion projects online. My involvement in clubs, volunteering, and entrepreneurship projects reflects my multitude of interests and energetic approach to personal and professional development. As I embark on my journey at the University of California, Riverside, I continue to seek opportunities to contribute positively to my community while developing my skills in business analytics, driven by my family background - and passion for mathematics and business. My unique combination of leadership, empathy, analytical passion, and dedication to making a difference makes me a truly exceptional individual ready to excel in any journey I undertake. 

I felt inspired to write this after receiving rejections after rejections from internships. However, I choose to not let that define my success and my passions.

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