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Hi all! I am close to becoming a Dougherty Valley High School Graduate! I am so excited to announce what college I commit to on my social media, once waitlist decisions for the UC System come out! I am grateful to end this chapter soon, and began college life in September. Ever since I moved to California in my sophomore year, I have had nothing but happy, knowledgeable and thrilling experiences at this school filled with awesome friends, teachers and joyful family support. As I near the last day of HighSchool, I decided to go back to view all of the awesome Google Doc and Slides creations I have made individually or with peers. My school counselor encouraged us Dougherty Seniors to download these files after our school emails close, in order to cherish these educational memories forever.

Looking down memory lane, I found some presentations and essays that wasn't posted on this blog of mine. And hoped to share the ones I find particularly important for this Business Journey. One such creation I came across was a group presentation I created in my Visual Studio VS. Net class, speaking on ways to battle COVID 19's affected flaws among students.

The goal was to create an online tool that battles the struggles of remote learning while supplementing for ways students can learn effectively. My group and I found students faced challenges understanding class material, resorting to methods of cheating through access of the internet and devices. We found that although remote learning is difficult, students must not find alternate ways to learning, when teachers and zoom allows for education to still thrive in COVID.

Therefore, we introduced SAGE, remote learning reimagined. We understand the challenges educators face when mentoring students. We know of the unrestricted access to the internet, making it easier for students to cheat, get distracted via social media and entertainment sites. Ultimately leading to lower grades and dependency on cheating.

So we created an online prototype that looks out for non educations browsing during class time. SAGE focuses on locking down browser that initiate cheating and distractions in school time.

This project was immensely long, yet fulfilling as it allowed VS . Net students to further engage in the unfortunate COVID Lockdown event. While initiating change to help students learn and grow via Online School!

SAGE Slides
Download PDF • 1.27MB

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