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Love and Loss

When my Dadi passed away, I had a job interview the next day, a presentation to create for a UCR event and a midterm the weekend after. When she passed, however, all I could think about was my dadi. I spent days thinking about her life, our memories and the last time I saw her. After pausing my life to grieve my dadi for a week, I was ready to focus on my education and student duties. However, in order to move on, I needed to write. I find relief and comfort in putting my feelings on paper. So I did, by posting a video that captured my grief for my dadi's death, while also sharing her challenges to the online world.

This post was shared October 19th, 2023, on TikTok where I find videos reach larger audiences and people who seek inspiration.

Caption: One week ago, the world lost a beautiful soul. One week ago, I lost the person I needed the most. One week ago, I lost my dadi...

Published December 2023. Edited (April 2024)

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