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AP Microeconomics Elasticity Project

Hello! Hope everyone has been having an awesome week! Recently, I have been busy with my Senior Year, first semester back from COVID-19 Lockdown! It has been an exciting last couple of weeks, and I am happy to share what I have been up to.

A few weeks back I was assigned an Elasticity Project, part of being a student in AP Microeconomics. This project consists of students understanding the term of inelasticity. Which is defined as the progress of quantity sold after a good or service has price changes. Meaning if a product has an increased in price, amounts sold remains unchanged, and vice versa for when a product has a decrease in price. The goal was to create a product that demonstrated inelasticity, and my group decided on gum.

We were to market this product, provide our target audiences along with appeal, advertising and prices. Then, we had to end the presentation expanding on its reasoning for inelasticity.

(Edited April 2024) Introducing the Amazing World of GumBall, a cartoon inspired gym company that aims to create fun and unique gum products for people of all ages.

Elasticity Project Slides
Download PDF • 505KB

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